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PTSD, Depression and Suicide In The Correctional System

In my time working as a prison doctor I saw a number of correctional officers over the years who committed suicide and almost all of them did it over relationship issues with significant others.

Correctional officers have unique stressors as they work 8-12 hour shifts and are always looking for the worst in people and waiting for someone to do something wrong.

After watching officers for decades I found that the ones who experienced less problems were the ones who were involved in doing something positive and worthwhile with inmates, had a sense of humor, didn’t take things personally, were oriented to de-escalate problems vs escalating them, were trained by someone who enjoyed their job as an officer vs hating it, had an administration that listened to them and cared for them, that they turned to others for help instead of numbing themselves with drugs and alcohol and above all else had a good and stable relationship at home.

To read more about PTSD, Depression and Suicide within the Correctional system.

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